Why Online Film Festivals are Sexy

Sure, when you dream about your film in a film festival, you probably aren't envisioning sitting behind a computer to attend. Thinking about the big festivals, like Cannes, you may see yourself partying on a yacht with Gosling and popping bottles of bubbly with Jodorowsky. But, let's be real, this isn't what 98% of film festivals are like. 

Soooo... what does this have to do with online festivals? 

Good questions all around. Despite the immediate appeal of live film festivals, if you aren't in one of the big 10 festivals you have to make the decision about whether it's worthwhile to even attend the festival. There are dozens of costs associated with attending festivals, and after going to a handful you will start to see diminishing returns.

This is where online film festivals start to look reaaaal sexy.

When distributors see the festival laurels on your key art, they likely won't recognize most of the festival names. But this doesn't matter. Having laurels and awards associated with your film brings an intrinsic value to your film that puts it a step above the rest. 

By submitting to primarily online film festivals, you can cut out many of the costs associated with traditional festivals, and therefore apply to more!

Be sure to use your best judgement when applying, not all festivals are created equal. And just because it's an online festival doesn't mean your film will automatically get accepted. Make sure that your film is the best it can be during your submission and that it is suitable for all of the festivals that you apply to.

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