5 Tools to Amp Up Your Film’s Marketing Plan

This list of handy tools can be used to promote more than just your films. Give it a go and let us know how they work for you.


Buffer is a tool that allows you to schedule your posts across multiple social accounts. What this means is you'll be able to take one post and broadcast it across every account that you have, so you don't have to manually go in and rewrite or copy and paste the post. Beyond that, it allows you to schedule your posts for a certain date and time in the future. That way, you can write multiple posts in one day and schedule them to be released later, to make better use of your time.

Why is this important for promoting a film?

Maintaining the interest of your audience is one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks of generating buzz for your project. If your film doesn't stay "top of mind" in the eyes of the audience, then you are just a forgotten blip in their memory. The best way to create this "top of mind" status is to create and release content consistently.

You want your audience to look forward to your email or notification that you have a new post so much so that they check back to your site before you email just to make sure there isn't anything new. This means you've created a compelling atmosphere and a desire for your voice. Then, when you hit them with your film - they are already primed and eager to hear about it.


Posting and creating a schedule is one thing, but if your posts aren't visually appealing your audience is less likely to click. This is where Stencil comes in. Stencil is a social image app that provides a library of photos, icons, and templates that will bring an extra zing to your social messages.

It is well known within the online marketing community that posts with images have far more engagement than posts without images.

This is incredibly important for the overall image of your project and your company. By creating content that looks professional, it signals to your audience that you are professional. 


So, you now know how to schedule posts and create really slick looking posts... but are you going to post? BuzzSumo is a content prospecting tool that allows you to see content that has "gone viral" in the past and gives you some important information about it.

Now, this can do two things for you. One, you can share these articles that you find to your own page if it is relevant to your project or brand. Because it has already proven itself as a popular article that gets a lot of shares, you can be pretty confident about whether or not it will bring you a lot of engagement to your post and page.

But that's not all. You can glean information about what people are liking and sharing so that you can create your own awesome posts and articles to share that may perform at a higher level than your standard content. Give it a try!

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a company that creates many great products that you should check out. In this post we are highlighting their product called Thrive Leads.

One of the most powerful things to have for any business or company that is promoting a product is a target list of emails. This list includes people who have opted in to said list via an optin form on your website or somewhere like Facebook. You have probably seen these all over the internet. Maybe they annoy you. But when done correctly, they are great for all parties involved.

Thrive Themes is ultimately a company built around WordPress. If you have a website and utilize the WordPress platform, you can use Thrive's themes and plugins to help maximize your site's potential for growing your audience. With Thrive Leads, you can add these optin boxes to your site and put them in a variety of different locations. It also allows you to utilize their library of templates and design your own.

This is the first step to build your community that you can then broadcast emails to with your latest content and promotions for your film.


Now that you have an email list of people who are actively interested in you and your project, you need a way to reach all those people.

With a small list, you can just manually copy and paste them into your email and send individual emails to your subscribers, but that will get old very fast.

This is where products like ConvertKit come in. ConvertKit is an email autoresponder system that allows you to broadcast your email to all of your subscribers with a single click. Moreover, you can automate a lot of tasks and do a lot of really advanced and really cool things down the road as you are building your following.

Like Buffer, ConvertKit allows you to create emails and schedule them for a later date or create automations based on the actions of your subscribers.

This may sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo if you aren't familiar with this world of marketing online, but check out some YouTube videos and see how powerful this tool is. 

Good luck and happy filmmaking!

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